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Precision Stamping
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Business Profile

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A regional manufacturer of precision stamped parts and components, Jotech Group’s core business encompasses precision stamping, tooling fabrication and sub-assemblies.  Jotech Group has demonstrated a strong capability and credential on its core business. Jotech is recognized as one of the leaders in the field of precision stamping; known for its superior quality, dependable services and competitive pricing.  Jotech is a top-tier supplier to many major MNCs in Electrical & Electronics Industry as well as Automotive Industry. Jotech Group employs over 1,000  people, with about 50% in Malaysia and the balance spread out in Indonesia and China.

Jotech Group focuses on a wide range of services as follow:

  • Customised tools and die fabrication
  • Prototyping and product fabrication
  • Progressive and stage stamping
  • Value added & customized mechanical system assembly
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